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From bean-to-bar; Luisa's Vegan Chocolates

July 9th 2018

by Luisa Vicinanza-Bedi

Luisa's Vegan Chocolates are the tastiest treats in town! Come down to Sneinton Market and treat your taste buds to something yummy!

Work Announcements
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Luisa being interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham

“I pride myself on keeping my business ethical; we support farmers paying them 3 times more than they would usually receive for their high-quality beans to help support their community. After directly sourcing the beans from Pupa New Guinea, The Solomon Islands and the Dominican Republic; I roast, winnor, and conch each bean to develop the flavour into 100% guilt-free Vegan products.”

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Luisa's chocolates are very moreish!

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Luisa outside of her unit at Sneinton Market Avenues where all the magic happens!

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