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Navigating a creative Industries career

Fri 28th Apr 2017

by CQ

Navigating a creative Industries career in post Brexit Britain - there has never been more responsibility placed on young people to ‘step up’

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“This is no bad thing, creating a good balance of vocational and theoretical learning is important, but there has been a swift swing in approach which both education and business must react to.At Diversity we have always believed that a close relationship between business and education is essential in developing young people with the right skills and aptitude to succeed in their chosen career.Businesses really need to take the driving seat, and start working more closely with education to make what is being taught in the classroom relevant to the business world.It is important for students to make the connection between classroom learning and real life business scenarios, and be able to apply their learning in the wider world.”

Simon Elliot, Diversity
Simon Elliot

Simon Elliot

Diversity Team

The Diversity Team

“Working within an SME the opportunity to work outside your specific job role can happen frequently. This allows you exposure to the wider business and the possibility to gain new skills and insights that would be restricted in large corporations due to the departmental approach.The beauty of a working with an SME that has as much drive and passion to succeed as you is that you grow along with it. ‘Moving up the ranks’ quickly is a great benefit but being part of something and contributing to the success of a business is incredibly rewarding.Commercial acumen and a bigger picture understanding is something I have been grateful to learn. Initially this is something you think you have but it becomes clear very quickly that there is still so much to be learnt when in a ‘hands on’ environment of an SME. For example, my understanding of the once avoided subject of financials became much more acute when faced with managing financial transactions on behalf of the company. This was even apparent in my early years as an Account Executive when selecting which suppliers to work with.”

Riah Skeldon, Diversity

“We are delighted with the more vocational approach - entrepreneurialism is alive and well in the UK and through more partnership working with education, we will fill the yawning skills gap.A more integrated approach to businesses and education offers the best opportunities for young people, and given the right advise will help make their career choice more accessible, while building a skilled and talented workforce for the future.”

Simon Elliot, Diversity

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