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Not so bored-rooms - Tank PR

April 23rd 2019

by Daily Mail

Amazing pictures show how firms are trying to outdo each other by making their offices as entertaining as possible. Inside Britain's quirkiest offices where firms are trying to outdo each other with tree houses, mini-golf and free beer on tap.

Work News
Tank Pr Bar

“The building you're in can project to a client a good sense of your company. If they see happy, relaxed staff and look forward to visiting you, it can really help business. For a lot of companies if you have a building you're proud of you want to welcome people in like it is you're own home and that gives clients a warm welcoming feeling. It's a shop window for your company in a lot of respects. When people come out of university they don't want to go to a boring office, instead they can go somewhere that has a Belgian bar. These kind of things allow companies to stand out and be more attractive, it's not the same old stuffy office with wooden panels that looks like an old boy's club. It's like how people dress when they go to work, it's completely changed - a lot of offices are now more casual and it's not frowned upon. Everyone spends a long time at work, so it should be as nice as possible.'”

Izzy Rhodes, director and lead architect of Swain Architecture
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