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Lyfcycle are your go-to sourcing partners for sustainable clothing. We work with brands and small businesses to curate eco ranges using responsibly sourced fabrics and offering full traceability via our Lyfcycle App!

Lyfcycle are a sustainable clothing manufacturers and consultancy. We’re making a difference to the way clothing is sourced and manufactured, bringing sustainability and transparency to the forefront of fashion.

We work with a wide range of high-street brands, retailers, small businesses and individuals to create responsibly produced clothing ranges. With a combination of experience, innovation and sheer determination to give fashion a cleaner name, we are here for all your eco-conscious clothing needs! Every Lyfcycle range is made with the end of a product’s life in mind, ensuring we consider every detail of the garment when sourcing sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. From fibres, to buttons and the care label, we’ve got it covered! All of our products are ethically made and come with complete transparency using our digital platform. Scan the unique QR code on the label of your product and you will be directed to our Lyfcycle App where you can view what materials were used in your product, where they came from and how to care for it to extend its life!

Bespoke Manufacturing:
Our bespoke manufacturing and collaboration service targets brands and retailers wanting to improve their sourcing practices or branch out into more sustainable clothing. With a long history in garment manufacturing, we have a vast network of trusted partners and suppliers to be able to cater to your needs. With our expertise on a variety of eco fabrics, and full transparency guaranteed, we can deliver the perfect sustainable range for you!

Lyfcycle Customs:
Throughout our journey to co-create bespoke clothing, we’ve come across many small brands who want to access sustainable clothing but don’t fit into the mould of mass-scale manufacturing. That is where Lyfcycle Customs come in!

Lyfcycle customs allows small businesses and individuals to access eco blanks in smaller quantities. Our range offers t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters made from a blend of recycled and organic materials. Offered in 5 different colours, you have the option to add customised prints, logos and embroidery. In addition, every garment will come with the our Lyfcycle traceability app to take your eco-conscious clothing to the next level!

Giving Back:
In addition to our brand work, we are committed to protecting our people and planet. That is why we have launched the Lyfcycle Foundation which donates 5% of all Lyfcycle profits to social and environmental causes close to our hearts. We support a local Nottingham-based Clothing Poverty Charity, and also work with workers right initiative supporting garment workers. We have also set ourselves several environmental targets for 2025, including making all of our packaging recyclable and recycling any textile waste from our production!

**We are currently crowdfunding. Take a look at our campaign to see how you can become one of the first backers and grab yourself some great discounts on pre orders:



Modern urban living in and amongst refurbished lace factories and warehouses. On-trend independent retailers and many bars, restaurants, cafés, galleries, arts cinema and theatres. A buzz in the daytime and a rhythm at night.

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Nottingham Trent University, the UK’s University of the Year, has a Creative Quarter campus. Nottingham College is investing £58m in a new skills hub. Confetti is expanding fast. Metronome is open for business and learning.

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Easy-access offices and workshops. Co-working and incubator spaces. Top-notch commercial premises. CQ supports entrepreneurs and creative businesses before they start trading, to start trading, and to grow.

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Investment and business location in Nottingham support the growth of our creative economy. The Creative Quarter offers the right skills, the right location and the best opportunities in the East Midlands’ fastest growing city.

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